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We are a leading provider of sea transportatioan related maritime solutions and services 

Our core businesses include energy shipping and it’s related activities, owning and operating type of bulk carrier vessel, marine ship repair, engineering and consultant ship management. In addition to our shipping business, we place maritime education at the forefront. 


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    Our Vision
    Our Mision
    Our Logo
    Our Share Value

    Our History

    Establish Karya Sumber Energy Company provide sea transportastion in Souteast Asia

    Karya Sumber Energy operate 3 (three) bulk carrier vessel is 2 (two) type Panamax and 1 (one) Handymax.

    Karya Sumber Energy Company operate 8 (Eight) Vessel bulk carier such as 6 (six) type handymax and 2 (two) type panamax.


    Our Core Buisnies

    Shipping Operator
    • Bulk Carier Vessel type of Panamax and Handymax
    • Tanker
    • General Cargo.
    • Tug and Barge.
    • Dredger Ship
    • Arrange Flag State Aplications
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    1 Gyrocompass General Check / Services
    2 Autopilot General Check / Services
    3 Radar ARPA General Check / Services
    4 Radar Non- ARPA General Check / Services
    5 ECDIS General Check / Services
    6 Course Recorder General Check / Services
    7 GPS General Check / Services
    8 Echosounder General Check / Services
    9 VHF General Check / Services
    10 Navtex General Check / Services
    11 MF/HF DSC Transceiver General Check / Services
    12 Inmarsat-C General Check / Services
    13 Weather Fax General Check / Services
    14 BNWAS General Check / Services
    15 Marrine Anemometer General Check / Services
    16 Common. Batt. Telephone General Check / Services
    17 AIS General Check / Services
    18 AIS Annual Test/ Renewal Certificate
    19 EPIRB Annual Test/ Renewal Certificate
    20 SART (2 Sets) Annual Test/ Renewal Certificate
    21 Public Adresser General Check / Services
    22 Speed Log General Check / Services
    23 NMEA Buffer, Gyro Converter General Check / Services
    24 (S) VDR General Check / Services
    25 Shore Base Maintenance SBM Agreement & Certificate
    • * Tidak meliputi pekerjaan Annual Performance Test.
    • * Masa berlaku Shore Base Maintenance Agreement & Certificate 2 (Dua) tahun.
    • Harga belum termasuk pajak
    • Harga belum termasuk biaya transportasi apabila diluar jakarta
    • Spare part apabila diperlukan belum termasuk dalam daftar harga tersebut.


    Ship Repair
    • Main Engine ( ME Sulzer 6RTA48T, MITSUI B&W 6S50 MC, MITSUI B&W 6S60 MC )
    • Auxalary Engine ( SSANGYONG 5L23/30E, DAIHATSU DIESSEL 6DL-20(4 CYCLE), DAIHATSU 5DK-20.
    • Deck Machinery Repairs.
    • Hydraulic and Pneumatic system repairs
    • Emergency Generator Repair.
    • Reconditions Of Engine Components
    • Electrical & Automation ( Boiler ACC and Freed Water Control Sytem, Main Engine Safety and Alarm, Generator Safety and Alarm Sytem, Gas Detection system, Tank Level Master System
    • Electrical : Navigation ( Gyro Compass/Magnetic Compass, Radar/Automatic Radar Ploting, Auto Pilot, AIS, Navigation Light, Automatic Tracking Aid.
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     Crewing services
    • Training and Education for Crew before Join on Board.
    • Recruitment crew for Bulk Carier vessel, Tanker Vessel, Tug and barge, Dredger Vessel.
    • Arrange Medical Exam, provide by duly Indonesian Medical Marrine Center.
    • Arranging any types of embarkation/disembarkation processes through local partners in the main world seaport
    • Booking/purchasing bus/railway/air tickets for any destinations all over the world.